HirotoClub - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Hiroto is a limited unique character collection of 5555. Hiroto grants proof of ownership on Ethereum Blockchain and is based on the ERC-721 standard. More than Ordinary Community, Hiroto will be a playable character in the metaverse and will be able to join in the land of our Partnership.

Each Hiroto NFT is one of a kind, with varying degrees of rarity. There will be 5555 Rarity which will reveal after 3 days of launching.

They are non-fungible, as these tokens are not interchangeable with one another.
Every Hiroto is 100% unique.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

HirotoClub NFT Roadmap

Phase I

Coming Soon
Build organic community of Hiroto
Launch 5555 Genesis Collection of Hiroto
Launch marketing campaign
Phase II

To be announced
Expand Partnership
Enable our DAO system that will allow holders of the project to have voting power via Snapshot
Every Holders will be able to join raffle of our Partnership Whitelist
Phase III

To be announced
Every Hiroto will be a playable character in the metaverse
Playable on partnership land
Phase IV

To be announced
Hiroto V2 with a collection of 10000
Every Holders will be Whitelisted for our Hiroto V2
Merch Store Online website releases

Additional Info


Mint: 18 August 2pm UTC

5555 will be minted, 100 will be minted before launch and will be for used for marketing with our Partnership, 4000 will be minted on presale, 1455 on public sale.

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