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Project Description

Invisible Pets is a collection of unique, animated, and adorable NFTs. Our mission is to build one of the strongest brands in the NFT space. A community driven, art-first project, centered around our love for animals.

Hope you will join us in making Invisible Pets an incredible experience! Invisible Pets was inspired by the recent surge in popularity of both invisible & animated NFTs. Absolutely loved these two concepts, so we decided to create our own set – with a unique spin!

Our Invisible Pets collection consists of a variety of unique traits & animations, with no two pets sharing all the same features.

Our team of incredibly talented artists has been working nonstop to deliver some amazing assets and adorable animations. Attention to detail & premium quality

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Invisible Pets NFT Roadmap

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Additional Info

IInspired by successfull projects we have gathered a team together with experienced members in each field to make the project reach the top. We are launching Metaverse Utility Game with P2E function, ICO and hosting differnet events. Merchandise free for the Top NFT Holders and free ICO Airdrop. Community wallet to support the plans and ideas of the direction the community wishes.