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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Jocky Boa Boxer Club(JBBC) is a collection of 3,500 unique Jocky Boa NFTs. These NFTs are unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain. The total collection is 10,000 NFTs, the rest of the collection comes on the Ethereum blockchain. Every JBBC NFT owner will be able to mint their own Transformer NFT avatar.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Jocky Boa Boxer NFT Roadmap

Q2 2022

Jocky Boa Boxer Club NFT collection website launched
Q3 2022

3,500 of the total 10,000 Jocky Boa Boxer Club NFTs (JBBC) will be launched on the Polygon blockchain
2-in-1 NFTs will be received by JBBC buyers
JBBC owners will be able to mint their own personalized Transformer NFT Avatar (JBBC-T NFTs) for each JBBC NFT they own
JBBC owners will be able to mint Jocky Boa Transformer NFT Avatars (JBBC-T) on ERC 1155 and sell on
10,000 JBBC NFTs will be minted in 25 Batches
Jocky Boa community will get access to fabulous ‘member-only’ benefits like 3-D Avatars for the Metaverse
Q4 2022

6,500 of the total 10,000 Jocky Boa Boxer Club NFTs (JBBC) will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain.
The JBBC-T NFTs of the Ethereum JBBC NFTs will also be on Ethereum.
Launch of JBBC NFT marketplace.
Launch of NFT start-up studio facilitating and helping new NFT projects associated with Jocky Boa Metaverse
Launch of exclusive membership area with utilities:

– Casual Chatting & Social Interaction platform.
– Game Rooms of Jocky Boa Metaverse
– Exclusive NFT Discussion Blog
– Physical Meetings And Events expanding the network of the Jocky Boa community
– New Competitions and Awards
– 3-D Transformer Avatar Functions for super personalised NFTs

2023 Roadmap Release:

– Metaverse- making the world more tradable with more unique rewards, liquidity incentives, etc.
– JBBC online game
– New Partnerships, expanding marketplaces and multi-network support
– Launch the Start-Ups under the JBBC Start-Up Studio
– Additional new utilities for members
– And Many Other Cool Things To Come, Stay Tuned! 😉

Additional Info

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