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Project Description

Joe Ravioli – A.K.A. “The CHEESIEST imPASTA”, is a Ricotta filled Compulsive Gambler who borrowed a lot of Dough from The Mozzarella Family. Oh No! Tomato Sauce came in last. He wagered all the Dough on this one horse at the Tortellini Racetrack.

Madone, the Yeast Rising Interest is out of control and Joe can’t pay any of it back anytime soon. The Mozzarella Family puts out a Calzone Contract and hires The Meatball Gang to search and find Joe, and bring him back alive, then Boil him Head First “Al Dente” Style! Now with The Mozzarella Family owning the Town and The Meatball Gang up and down all the streets searching for Joe, it’s a like a Pepperoni Pizza Pie (Total Meaty Cheesy Chaos).

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Joe Ravioli – The Cheesiest imPasta NFT Roadmap

Dec 2022

– December 19, 2022:
First 3 Ultra Rare “Joe Ravioli ANIMATED NFT” Auction on
Ultra Rare Holders receive:
3 “Free” CHEESIEST imPASTA NFT’s on Q1 2023 Mint
1 “Free” Static NFT of your Animated NFT
1 “Free” Copy of The Joe Ravioli Cookbook upon final sales of all Ultra-Rare NFT’s.
1 “Free” Joe Ravioli Santa NFT to the first 3 holders of the Dec 19th drop.

Ultra Rare Holders Wallet is added to “Special” Ultra Rare NFT Auctions‍

– Full IP Rights given to holders of “CHEESIEST imPASTA”
– Opportunity to sell a Print-On-Demand of your “CHEESIEST imPASTA NFT” on

Holders of the CHEESIEST imPASTA NFT’s can monetize their IP rights and sell apparel, mugs, magnets and more with no overhead costs. Can be sold directly on the Teelaunch Website or a personal holders online store.

– A portion of the profits will be donated to Move For Hunger to help feed the hungry

– Joe Ravioli buttons, magnets, decals being sold in specialty stores

Q1 2023

-The next set of Ultra Rare “ANIMATED and STATIC” NFT Auction Drops

First 1000 NFT “CHEESIEST imPASTA” Pre-Sale Mint

– Joe Ravioli Apparel being sold on and in Apparel Marketplaces‍

– Partnership with a Pasta brand will be pursued

– Masterclass Webinars for holders:
— SEO how to rank #1 on Google
— How to be a top retailer on Amazon
— How to Market Your NFT Merchandise
— How do design a Generative NFT
— Easy Smart Contracts

– CHEESIEST imPASTA 1st Round Open Sales

Q2 2023

– The Remaining Ultra Rare Release Auction Drop

– CHEESIEST imPASTA Final Round Open Sales

– Free to play Joe Ravioli Games for Holders. Weekly P2E events

– The Next Chapter of the Joe Ravioli story revealed!
— Surprise Free Token to first 100 holders of the Next Chapter!!

– Masterclass Webinars for holders:
— Copyright and IP Protection
— Why it is encouraged to have full Validation of your NFT’s
— Surprise Guest Webinars‍

Q3 2023

– The Next Chapter of the Joe Ravioli story continues!

– Additional Charity Commitments Revealed
— Voting from NFT Holders on which Charity to pursue

Q4 2023 and Beyond

– We will be Listening to our holders and community to help decide the best direction for the project. After all, we are Familia!

We are open to expanding into the Metaverse once it is tangible to do so. We do not feel it is practical at this time at the stage of the Metaverse or its current adoption. We have connections in the film and television industry, but obviously we can’t make promises here. As our brand grows, we will be leveraging our connections to make Joe Ravioli a household name.

Additional Info

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