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Hello, web3 community and dear traveler! ?
We aim to disrupt for a good purpose; #JTTribe is clear! Our goal is to BE A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE ENTHUSIASTS TO TRAVEL AND LIVE LUXURY EXPERIENCES, DO BUSINESS WITH HIGH PROFITS, BE PART OF THE NFT WORLD, and receive many real benefits in the real world by investing in NFT, belonging to a “like-minded” community.

The emergence of BLOCKCHAIN has created a real revolution, allowing all creatives to detonate their ideas and for many investors to grow their capital. However, today, there is an imbalance in the creation of wealth, the distribution of information, and even the validation of multiple existing projects. Some HOLDERS are still waiting to see their real profits in real businesses.

JTTribe is a mix of creatives, business people, and entrepreneurs who have always been committed to serving the common good. Thus, our NFTs create value by developing UTILITY in real life: access to the World of Luxury Travel&Experiences and services with awareness for the sake of a thriving community in a global vision of sustainability for our world.

The limitations between absolute centralized online travel agencies (OTAs), known as the OTA Duopoly, today are disrupted by JUSTRAVELERS TRIBE (JTTribe), community #GreenChipNFT modern #web3 models are destined to reshape the business structure.
JTTribe is the global community of conscious and divergent travelers committed to caring for and conservating our world’s endangered or threatened animal habitats. Fosters the creation of an aware and divergent community that likes to travel the world while caring for their health and the world’s health, and, simultaneously, be part of the blockchain economy consolidating a long-term project offering owners full rights and lifetime assets.
Have you ever wondered if it is possible to travel at the best rates, do business in the real world by investing in NFT, and simultaneously be an agent of change to regenerate the planet’s ecosystems?
We are the most engaged NFT ecosystem with investors for actual world returns. When you become #JTTribe, your investments in NFTs (digital assets):
Will have incredible real-life bonuses; you’ll be able to travel with access to the best experiences in the best places in the world – at globalizer rates -.
With profit sharing, you will be a user and owner of an NFT with benefits of profit in vacation rentals of real estate in the MEXICAN CARIBBEAN.
You will be part of the Luxury Yacht Mexico Nautical Club, which has incredible exclusive prices for its members in privileged locations in Los Cabos, Baja, and the Mexican Caribbean.
You will be able to live WELLNESS experiences in sites dedicated to the health of body and spirit in Riviera Maya.
You will be backed by real-life companies with more than 20 years of experience in real-life web2 business.
We are located in Riviera Maya, Mexican Caribbean.
We are NFTs that inspire, based on 21 threatened or endangered species, with art worthy of the best connoisseur’s collection. Our virtuous model contributes to the regeneration of the ecosystems of those species. One of our Co-Founders is the CEO/General Director of the Sustainable Riviera Maya Association. An organization committed to sustainability, adhering to international SDG/GSTC standards and working at the local level to achieve progress at the global level, and making tourist destinations, sites of regenerative and committed tourism and adhering to Green Destinations, the certifying body with the highest international recognition for its seriousness and commitment, among others, by ITB BERLIN, FUTURE OF TOURISM COALITION.
Our leap into the WEB3 world transfers our passions to our collections. We will deliver 1444 allowlists for free mint and 3000 whitelists between 55$-90$. Our first estimate of profit IN REAL LIFE of the NFT collection is over 1k$ per piece.
Please find here our whitepaper with information and team structure. We are experts in different areas of the web2 and web3 worlds; all of us work doxxed without masks.
? https://jttribe.gitbook.io/table-of-contents/

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

JustravelERS Tribe NFT Roadmap

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