Karto Cars - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Karto Cars is a new play-to-earn game comprised of 2,500 retro-fitted cars. We bring a convincing alternative to the cookie-cutter PFP NFT projects that have flooded the market. Each NFT minted will make a breath-taking appearance on our tracks. Owning a Karto Car will give holders access to racing tournaments, cash giveaways, exclusive airdrops, and much more to come!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Karto Cars NFT Roadmap

Current Phase I (Work in progress):
✅ Supply: 2500
✅ Mintdate: WL & OG 25th of January 2023, Public 26th of January (OG is guaranteed mint)
✅ Mintprice: OG 0.079ETH, WL 0.089ETH, Public 0.119ETH
✅ Starting social media & Discord
✅ Develop game
✅ Get approval Google Playstore and Apple store to release game
✅ IRL car wash for holders. (ongoing into other location, globally)
➡️ Tokenomics system
➡️ Marketplace
➡️ Marketplace in-game
✅ In-game billboard advertisement
✅ Partnerships with other NFT projects (ongoing)
➡️ Partnerships with WEB2 companies
➡️ IRL tickets to races and car related events
➡️ Merch
➡️ IRL Car giveaway

Phase II Goals:
➡️ Supply – 2500
➡️ Mint Date & price: TBA
➡️ IRL Car giveaway
➡️ Big Raffles & Events (ETH, NFT Airdrops & more)
➡️ Game development
➡️ IRL car toys
➡️ Gaming tournaments and livestreams
➡️ Metaverse real estate (garages, carshops, etc.)
➡️ Sponsorship to IRL sports events
➡️ Partnerships with major car brands
➡️ IRL Gas station* (from every collection we mint, part of the raised funds will go toward the IRL gasstation) *

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!