Key of Life - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description


It is a web 3 brand, which seeks to consolidate itself among the best brands in the world.
Our DNA carries people’s awareness of waste disposal. All our products carry and will carry that goal.
Although we are talking about BRAND, awareness work is approached in an innovative and planned way, so we started at web3.
Our first product? NFT Key of Life, how much does it cost? FREEMINT

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Key of Life NFT Roadmap

January of 2022 to June of 2022

Market research
Feasibility analysis
team building
Project elaboration
Definition of NFT Characters
Brand definition
Strategy/Model Business Development of Collections and Recycling Plants

July of 2022

Completion of the arts Pass Key of Life
Completion of the arts Survivor Trunk Collection
Website creation
Creation of social networks
Creation of theKey of Life smart contract
Upload of Key of Live NFT – Solana Network
3rd collection character definition

August of 2022

Creating the Survivor Trunk Smart Contract
Integration with Wallet
Start of disclosure
Finalization of adjustments for the release
Reveal of the lucky one of the collection
Land The Recycle marketing
Collections marketing

September of 2022

Aggressive marketing of the Recycle The Land brand
Aggressive marketing of the Key of Life and Trunk Survivor collections
Key of Life listings on info platforms
WL from the Survivor Trunk collection
3rd collection smart contract creation

October of 2022

Aggressive marketing
Verified Key of Life collections at Magic Eden
Mint of the collection key of Life reveal
Completion of the bureaucratic part and creation of the recycling and environmental depollution company.
Smart contract creation + 2nd collection upload

November of 2022

Aggressive marketing
WL from the 3rd collection
Recycling team under construction (completion deadline in march of 2023)

December of 2022

Mint reveal of the 3rd collection
Beginning of the organization of the exclusive event for collectors.
Review of steps – Correction of eventual failures in the cronogram and development.

January of 2023

All collections listed on leading analytics platforms.
Development of a “Towards the Top 10” strategy (we will invite investors to participate in the experience)
Aggressive marketing

February of 2023

Aggressive Marketing
Organization of the 1st event.
Focus on development community

March to June of 2023

AMAZING SURPRISE (exclusive to owners of our NFTs)
Announcement of place and date of the event
Inauguration of the NEW physical space
Delivery of the 1st space “Work Meeting”
Opening of the 1st charging point for electric vehicles*
Introducing the new Roadmap
Thanks for taking part!

Additional Info


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