Khuga - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Khuga is an NFT project in which the adoptable 5,555 loyal fighter cats unite in Khugaverse with 5 elite races built for those who want to be part of The Miawwhalla, a platform to join an adventurous journey, play some fun battles and quests, and get exciting rewards.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Khuga NFT Roadmap

01 Adopt Khuga
In this first roadmap, you can adopt Khuga to be the loyal fighter to protect your kingdom. In total, we will create 5,555 Khuga artworks with a distinctive appearance that is pleasing to be seen and worth to be collecting.
02 Enter the Miawhalla and Gears Up!
As an appreciation to those who adopt Khuga, we present you Miawhalla. It is a fun platform built exclusively for Khuga adopters. In Miawhalla, you can experience a fun-filled exploration into Khugaverse.
03 Real Life Battle
An on-ground event where you can rendezvous with Khuga adopters, stare at Khuga artworks that are pleasing to the eye, play games, witness artist collaboration, win doorprizes, and get a chance to bring home Khuga limited merchandise.
We will be glad to give the utmost fun adventure experience to our community that has been supportive and loyal. We are preparing the Grand Battle to maximize your adventure in Khugaverse. We are not going to overpromise, but we are committed to presenting you with surprises.

Additional Info

Mint: Jan 26

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