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King Kacy
On a fine beautiful sunny day in Mark Kacy’s Kingdom, King Kacy awoke from his beautiful sleep, filled with life ready to start a new day ruling his beloved people.
He stretched out to the side of his bead to reach for his crown, but to his surprise, it was nowhere to be found. The crown holds the power to wipe out all living things throughout his kingdom so it must always be by the Kings side. Panicking and filled with fear and rage, King Kacy searched vigorously for his crown throughout all corners of his palace, but it was nowhere to be found. Anyone who finds the crown was promised to receive the power of the King, to make the victor almost equal to the King himself. And thus, the great search for the crown began…
We are excited to be here with you! About the Artist – Mark Kacy Mark Kacy (a.k.a. Mark_Kacy) is a Tik Tok creator and animator with over 4.4 million followers. Mark loves making funny animated skits, making millions of people laugh. Web3 is an amazing opportunity for creators like Mark to share his art and build a community around it. He has decided to do so with his first collection based around the main character of his Tik Tok animations, King Kacy. 4.4M followers on Tik Tok

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King Kacy NFT Roadmap

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