Kooky Kats - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

5000 abandoned Kats in the alleys, building relationships and delivering unique utilities.

We may look and smell dodgy, but Kooky Kats strives to create an open and unique community with impactful utility that will keep us warm for generations to come. Cooking up in the alleys are plenty of saucy ideas. We are talking, giveaways to the community, discord events, kooky merch, NFT education, donations for those who are truly suffering in the alleyways, and much more in the making!

Located in the back alleys on the Ethereum blockchain, our crew is rocking some crazy outfits and accessories (with some of us being uber rare). Each of us feature 100+ unique trait variations and rarities. No matter how cracked up we are, I’m sure there’s a perfect cat for you to take home.

We are currently building our Kooky adoption center as our major landmark to house our kats, community, and all the fun we will be having. It won’t be long till we open so you don’t want to miss …

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Kooky Kats NFT Roadmap

Build the Kooky Adoption Center | Served
Pre-Open the Kooky Adoption Center | Served
Gather Premium Adoption List | Served
Develop Super Secret ERC 721A Hybrid Contract | Served
Kooky Invitation: Party in the Alleys | Served
Kooky Frens | Served

Open for Adoption (mint) | Cooking
Team Video Content | Cooking
Merchandise Development | Cooking
Kooky Kats Game Development | Cooking
Wall of Fame Development | Cooking

Adoption Center Investment Plan 2.0 | Preparing
World of Kats Early Access | Preparing
Kooky Education | Preparing
Member of the month | Preparing
Product showcase | Preparing

Additional Info


🐈Kooky Kats Mint Details 🐈

😻Supply: 5000

1⃣Paid WL Mint: Jan 19 (10AM EST) | 4800~ supply
2⃣Free WL Mint: Jan 19 (2PM EST) | 200 ~ supply
3⃣Public Mint: Jan 19 (5PM EST) | remaining

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!