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Project Description

Kurai Michi is a 7777 NFT Collection, Utility based with the community at our core. the story so far… The Dark Lord has assembled a talented and deadly group of 5 mercenaries to kidnap the youngest royal of King Thorin. The Thorin bloodline contains immense powers and if in the hands of the dark lord then planet Adithya will be brought into darkness and all will bow to the new ruler.

But they are up against a family that has ruled generations and kept peace on the planet and have always withstood times of war. But this time there are dark and powerful forces combined from the four corners of the planet, this will be their greatest test yet!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Kuari Michi NFT Roadmap


Website and social media launch to inform and build our community status, the most important part of the project. We want to give back to our loyal community, we will listen closely to what you want or would like in the future, to grow together. We want to hear your ideas interact, reward our valued members by creating custom prize winning, features you decide. Not to mention gift NFTs and many more prize offers.


We will conduct a whitelist for our community members for future launches and announcements. OG and Elite spots all available to active members in discord and twitter. Mints will also be awarded in competitions and to those contributing to the community


So its all about community and growing a rewarding brand for all involved. We have a ton of giveaways planned for our loyal members/holders. The first 2000 for WL holders is a free mint. Then a massive 777 NFT raffle post mint among holders. 10% royalties to sweep floor pre-launch. $10 weekly giveaway comps. Collaboration with established utility based projects. Then possible Staking is post-mint. Nodes/Minting bots. WL marketplace. Alpha calls

The Next series

Keep your eyes and ears open as in the not to distant future we will be revealing the next series, with new exciting characters. The next chapter in the story will reveal new updates to most of the cast of Kurai Michi as the plot thickens!!!


To make sure our holders get the very best quality nfts, the main focus and effort has been in the creative input and execution of the artwork. From the finest details to the deep thought process behind our imaginative collection, we’re proud to introduce Kurai Michi. We have some of the best artists in the industry today working with some of the best creative brains to make sure we deliver our holders nothing but the best quality possible.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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