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Project Description

The Little Guy Gang is a collection of 10,000 little guys living on the Ethereum Blockchain. The sky’s the limit for these little guys but they just don’t know it yet. They need a mentor – a partner – a sidekick. Get yourself in the gang and help make the little guys, little no more.
Our primary aim is to develop a Launchpad for our holders to apply for funding for their start up. Our holders will get to vote for their favourite start up and invest themselves if they want to!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Little Guy Gang NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 – Mint

– We will have holder only giveaways of $5,000 for every 1000 NFTs minted – For each NFT you mint, you can apply on our website to be part of the $5000 draw. Only holders from the 1000 phase minted will be eligible. For example, you mint a Little Guy Gang NFT numbered 1052, you will be eligible to participate in the 2nd $5000 giveaway. If you were to mint a Little Guy Gang NFT numbered 7640, you will be eligible to participate in the 8th $5000 giveaway etc.
– 5% of mint funds to be donated between Global Food Banking Group and Save the Children. We want to ensure we are helping the Little Guys of the world, those who are struggling to feed their families and the smallest of us all, children.

Phase 2 – Voting & Launchpad

– Build and officially launch our Voting platform and our Launchpad.
– First Funding Round takes place.
– Launch Discord server as soon as minting complete with holder only channels/chats.
– Website amended to include project FAQs, rules, application form and voting area.
– Every month (on a random day) we will have a giveaway $1,000 to a random LGG holder for at least a year whilst we are working on the Launchpad – we are here to stay.
– Merch Store Opens – 10% of profits donated between our chosen charities.

Phase 3 -The Next Gen

– Continue Funding Rounds with our Launchpad.
– Gen 2 NFT collection to be created named ‘The Little Girl Gang’.
– 500 Gen 2 NFTs to be airdropped to long term holders of Gen 1 LGG NFTs.

Additional Info

Minting 19th November

Check our Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!


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