LLama Corp - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Llama lama corp is a collection of 5000 nft, a unique digital collectible artwork living on the polygon blockchain. Made by a crew of creative personalities focused on delivering something fun, dope, and capable of increasing usability and value for our holders. Your llama llama works like your llcorp membership card and grants access to exclusive member benefits. The community can unlock future areas and perks through roadmap activation.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

LLama Corp NFT Roadmap

Stage 1

10% we will reward the effort of the team and return the money to the people who trusted us.

20% a 20 exclusive llama llama corp nft will be randomly released for our members.

40% llama llama corp gets its own youtube channel.

60% member-exclusive llama llama corp merch store launching, featuring limited edition tees, hoodies, and other surprises.

80% new nft collection project is activated.

100% the lab is open, and we will create new ways to get fun with our friends and increase our nft value

Stage 2

ntf collection second part

nft new characters launching

gaming plan unlock

3d collection project unlock

Stage 3:

game launching?

retail business?

youtube series launch?

the sky is the limit!

10% goes to charity

This is not a crypto punk nor bored ape, but this llama llama corp will explode in your head this is a cool nft collection. Imagine you have the chance to be part of a project like bored ape yachts club, crypto punk, loaded lions, cyberkongz, or other greats nft collections but from the beginning!!.

Additional Info

Presale mint price: 45.79 polygon (0.30 eth)
Presale mint date: 11/25/22 12 pm utc

Open sale mint price: 55.91 polygon (0.044 eth)

Join and register now! Www.Llamallamacorp.Com

Opensea- https://opensea.io/collection/llamallamacorp

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