Lords of the Lands - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Become a LOL LandLord and Earn monthly rentals in Ethereum! LOL Metaverse is a utility driven project creating experiences in metaverse while incentivizing its NFT holders!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Lords of the Lands NFT Roadmap

Q3 , 2022
Lands & Lord NFT’s Pre – Sale

Our Land & Lord NFTs will be available to mint for our whitelisted community, pre-sale date to be announced soon.
Land & Lord NFT Main Sale Q 3

Our Land & Lord NFTs will be available for public sale, dates to be announced soon.
Hidden Treasure Chests Unlocking

Our NFT Landlords will be able to open their hidden treasure chests post 3 days the main sales and will be able to claim the chest content in their dashboard.
Q4 2022 – Q1 2023
LOL Tournament

LOL will be organizing e-gaming tournaments on its e-gaming partner apps/website Land Lords can play their favorite games like Minecraft, PubG, GTA V, FreeFire, etc and depending upon the rank you score in the game , you can win exclusive LOL NFTs like Lords, Lands, Vaults, Swords, weapons ,accessories as well as prizes upto $25,000. These e-gaming tournaments will happen twice a month
Viron Pre-Launch

LOL will launch its advertising utility token “Viron”. The token will bridge the Real World with the LOL metaverse, block by block with smartcontract powered crypto transactions.
Viron Vaults
The Viron vault NFTs that can only be claimed through hidden treasure chest will start generating Viron depending upon the rarity of the vault NFT.

Q1 – Q2 , 2023

LOL Landlords will be able to participate in the LOL play to earn “Treasure Hunts”, winning exclusive LOL NFTs.
Q2-Q3 , 2023
Build Land

Land NFT holders and brands will be able to create their own virtual world on the LOL metaverse using our pre-built templates
LoL Music Festival

LOL Users and NFT holders will be able to attend the first LOL Music concert
NFT Aggregator Marketplace

LOL Users and NFT holders will be able to browse, buy and sell NFTs with a virtual reality experience also can chance to showcase their NFT collection in the LOL museum, allowing other users to view and bid for the digital artworks
To be Announced

Additional Info

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