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Project Description

Welcome to Lunar Calendar Celebrities, a Solana based NFT project that will make every holder a celebrity.
Have mixed the best of two worlds; the lunar zodiac and worldwide famous celebrities to create these cool Celebs. All of them are unique but some might be rarer than others, as you know already things work here.

Some might have more oriental traditional traits, others might be looking more like famous stars, and in the mixture of these two worlds you’ll find without a doubt a unique gallery of amazing characters.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Lunar Calendar Celebrities NFT Roadmap

Party begins; the art & design team starts the concept art and creation of the first 5555 celebrities that will rock you and the Solana NFTs space.

Community involvement. Our socials and website becomes the meeting point where you get to know our celebs awaiting for Drop 1. Updates, sneak peeks, giveaways will be some of the events that will occur during this time. Minting day is TBA.

After having a crazy summer, the celebs are back and ready for Drop 2. With a new character from the lunar calendar joining the club. You’ll have to unfold the mystery of who he is across challenges and games in our socials. It is also the start of the rewards program for holders; including whitelist spots in Drop 2 for those who are holding Drop 1, along with other benefits TBA.

Round up the year with another celeb joining our squad. Who? It’s a surprise, hints will be dropped along our journey this year. More spicy benefits will come for long term holders as explained in the EARN section: At this point we plan to start our merch experience, with high end clothing and accessories, We can hardly wait for that to happen! And now that 2023 is round the corner, stay in the club and meet the new celebs to come the next year.


Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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