Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Mala Mala’s characters come from Giany’s imagination (Acid) There were inspired by African children who build their own toys by mixing different objects found in the street. Mala Mala are characters and also a universe tells through an emergent story create by the team Tasc.

Mala Mala series constitute about 16 000 characters realized in 3d which will be launched on the Solana blockchain. It took 6 months from conception to completion.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities


No, there is no purpose, no roadmap, and no discord at the moment…only a collection of quality work, although there may be some surprises for the NFT Mala Mala holder.
We don’t like the overpromising roadmaps of many web3 !
We are artists and we don’t want to behave like businessmen. Let’s gather a community together around ambitious projects so we can adapt according to the progress we make with the people around us.
The more people who support us, the more we can grow together.

We have put a lot of work into trying to provide consistent and neat work and bring our own identity to the Nfts ecosystem. Mala Mala is ready to be launched today, so we are focusing on this launch even though we have already started the production of the second project.

Additional Info

To simplify things we have only planned two types of list for the mint. A WL and the PL (public list).
1rd list: The portfolios that have obtained a WL, will be able to mint their NFTs at a reduced price. The WL are slightly higher than the number of NFTs available in this category (~10%), so we encourage you to show up early to get your NFT at a discounted price. If you don’t mint during this time, your NFT may be claimed by someone on the public list. You will be allowed to mint 2 Nfts per wallet.

2rd list: The 2nd list is the public list, each wallet will be allowed to mint 3 NFTs maximum. First come, first served!

3rd list : There is however a 3rd list, the Malalist, who will receive after the mint period, one or two free NFTs directly into their wallet. The registration to this list is reserved for people who have contributed to our development through their commitments and their participation in our project on social networks.