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Project Description

What Are Marys Cats?
“Marys Cats are donation to cats NFTs project on Solana Collections”

How Much is a Marys Cats NFTs?
0.019 SOL

How Many Marys Cats are There?
Only 226 Marys Cats will ever be created.

How Many Can I Mint?
As many as you’d like but 1 Marys Cats per transaction.

Launch Date?
29/09/22 4PM UTC

What Wallets are Supported?
Phantom, Solflare

What Will the Royalties Percent be?
50% (donation will be made at royalties)

How Many Marys Cats Will be by the Team?
We’ve reserved just 10 random Marys Cats for giveaways and events.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Mary’s Cats NFT NFT Roadmap

Phase One
– Creation of a collection of 222 pieces on the solana blockchain.
– Secondary market approval.
– NFT Mint Website Launch.
– Mint.
– Maintaining the price on the secondary market and holding promotions.
– contact institutions for donation.

Phase Two
– Go to institutions and buy food.
– Evidence with photos and invoices.
– Photos and videos of the food we buy for cats with cats.

Additional Info

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