MetaGenus Hs 1 - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

1000 fully functional 3D avatars interoperable on all metaverse platforms.

“The First 1000” is a range of uniquely designed avatars that will be forever remembered as the first 1000 avatars made by ILLUSORR and Verified Creators Pedro and Aman, as it is etched in the blockchain. The collection is the first of a series of NFT projects by ILLUSORR in collaboration with Verified Creators, each of these collections will be launched with a metaverse experience that holders can use their fully functional 3D NFTs in. In addition to that all the NFTs are interoperable and can be taken to any other metaverse platform.

ILLUSORR is also launching 4 cities in 2023, each of which will be designed unique theme and built on a different blockchain, and for the first city we have partnered with Polygon Studios to build on Polygon. Prior to launching these cities, ILLUSORR will launch its second avatar collection of metahumans called ILLUBeings which will also be in 4 themes to correlate with the 4 cities. Holders of the MetaGenus HS 1 collection will be airdropped 4 free ILLUBeings from each theme, so when you buy 1 MetaGenus HS 1, you’re actually buying 5 avatars in total!


5 Layers Per NFT Avatar
15 Unique Traits Per Layer
1000 Generative NFT Avatars
Each NFT Avatar includes rarity based on traits


MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holders will benefit from various perks and utilities, which will increase in number over time, from priority access and drops, to platform launches and events:

Every MetaGenus HS 1 NFT will be fully functional in the metaverse to use as an avatar.

Every MetaGenus HS 1 NFT will also enable priority access to Alpha and Beta Releases and other focus group testings of the ILLUSORR Metaverse platform.

Every MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holder will be airdropped 4 new avatars each, during the public minting of the next avatar project ILLUBeings, and automatically whitelisted for all future NFT collections.

MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holders get priority access to special events including parties with world renowned DJs, workshops with experts, and meet and greets with celebrities and influencers.

MetaGenus HS 1 NFT holders get free access to all ILLUSORR Education current and future courses, via an exclusive Diamond Membership.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

MetaGenus Hs 1 NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

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