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Project Description

METASUMERU, consist of a unique collection of 8888 Cyber Buddhas on the journey to creating a community around meditation and self-fulfillment. NFT Utility: Meditate to Earn is an exciting core feature of the METASUMERU collection and is dedicated to spreading the culture of meditation and positive thinking through NFTs.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Metasumeru NFT drop NFT Roadmap

1 2022 Q2 – Q3
– Metasumeru universe worldview construction

2 2022 Q4
– Sumerian space build in the metaverse, NFT holders can enter and browse

3 2023 Q1
– Transaction fees and part of the issue proceeds are used for public welfare, Buddhist culture dissemination

4 2023 Q2
– Metasumeru physical peripheral development

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Additional Info

Nov.21st – Mint Price – 0.04E

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