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Project Description

Monke Voyagers, who live on the moon and travel all around universe, are born to be space explorers. Years of space travel have brought them cutting edge technology and unexplainable magical skills.

However, space travel is not always a joyous adventure full of treasures. During a scientific expedition to Galaxy Pluto, the spaceship ‘Voyager’ was severely damaged by the dark space collapse and fell on the surface of planet Ether.

It’s a whole new planet the Monke Voyagers had never been to before, and only 6,666 of the strongest survived. While searching for supplies on planet Ether, something is brewing…….

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Monke Voyager NFT Roadmap

Landing 6666 Monke Voyagers land on planet Ether. They start Ooh-ooh Aah-aahing

Harvest $Banana Tell me, who doesn’t like BANANAs?! Monkes mking lovin’ those, and we start harvesting the next sec after the crash.

Temple Expedition This planet is so mking awesome, we even find some intact banana assembly line inside those dark, mysterious temples. CAN’T wait to explore the x!t out of it!

Gear the mk up Take what you find from the temples and relics, and GEAR UP for space voyage, Monke.

Even More???? Srsly? Gimme dat smoke! Now!

Additional Info


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