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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

All Monstas had to leave their home planet due to a meteorite strike. They are hoping to start a new life on earth.

The Monstas lost all their eggs during their flight above earth.

Now the task of humanity is to help them find those eggs using a P2E game, like Pokemon Go which is scheduled in Phase 3. In Phase 2 the first minigame is released! If you would like to find out more about how the Monstas came to earth check out our storyline in our Discord!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Monsta NFT NFT Roadmap

Storyline introduction
Male Monsta have entered earth’s atmosphere looking for a new life and companionship. It is their lifelong dream to inhabit a planet alongside the original inhabitants and they are more than ready to get comfortable

Male Monsta
We’re introducing our first Male Monsta NFTs.

Introduction Mini-Games
We’re introducing a couple of smaller games in which players will have the opportunity to earn points. These points will grant players useful items for our P2E game in phase 3.

Female Monsta
Female Monsta have found a way to leave their home planet and found their way to Earth safely. They are very excited to be reunited with their beloved Male Monsta. We’re introducing our Female Monsta NFTs.

P2E Game
Monsta Eggs have scattered all around earth. Go outside and try to encounter as many as you can. Are you lucky enough to find a Monsta Egg? If you are, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Baby Monsta
Most Monsta Eggs contain rubbish, but some may contain cryptocurrency, merchandise or even Baby Monsta

Additional Info


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