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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

A traditional and story-driven collection hand-drawn using ink on paper. Founded by harvmcm and JoshJ, with all art created by Andrew (harvmcm’s dad). A collective effort from father, son, close friend & a tight-knit team.
Featuring over 600 hand-drawn traits and over 100 1/1s, 60 of them being claimable oil paintings, collectors can expect quality art which has been in the works since 2021. Andrew has spent over 8 months finishing the collection.

‘A world of many creatures; all with intricate and interesting backgrounds of their own, all intertwined in what can only be described as a beautifully magnificent ever-evolving chaos.’
Holders can expect claimable physical art, a say in the direction of our artist fund, and the opportunity to hold one of the first ink-on-paper collections.
Winning a public spot does not guarantee mint, our public phase will follow on from the first minting phase ‘The Chosen List’.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Morthir NFT Roadmap


Goal number one, and the main priority for the Morthir team is to get our art in the hands of the holders. Andrew is an amazing traditional artist. Its finally time to present his work to the world and provide everyone with a varied, unique and exciting world of art and also storytelling. We are ensuring that all things surrounding the launch go as smoothly as possible and we cant wait to unveil the wonders we have in store.


We have one huge advantage when it comes to rewarding our holders… PHYSICAL ART. High quality, oil paintings, collages and drawings. We intend to giveaway a good majority of the art to holders of both specific pieces and raffled giveaways.

Traditional, gallery quality art can be hard to come by in terms of NFT projects, so we are super proud and grateful to have such a skilled artist in our arsenal.


Our collection, alongside the story, will be ever-evolving. We have TEN crazy and unique monsters who will be minted in the form of an egg. After time these ten will grow into the second stage of their three stage growth.

We will also have quests and challenges that can determine the fate of your character. You may receive gold as a reward for valiance, or bars as a punishment for treason…

All will be revealed soon enough.


We have a large variety of other things that are in the works, but for now they are no more than an idea. The priority is to focus on the art, and getting into the hands of the holders.

More art, more lore, more physicals and much much more will come with time.

You don’t want to miss out…

Additional Info

21st of November.

0.08ETH Per Piece On ‘The Chosen List’. 0.1ETH Per Piece Public.

3000 Supply. 4 Mints Max Per Wallet.

The World of MORTHIR Is Upon Us…

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