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Project Description

MRDRVRS [Pronounced Mur-der-verse]

– A lore based NFT murder mystery game. Players enter the game by minting their characters as an NFT
– All is not what it seems at Castle Meta as something murderous is about to take place…
– Supply 4444 – 6666, Mint price 0.02 – 0.045
– Clues will be released via Twitter in numerous formats and players can submit their guess via the token-gated web app. But to submit a guess, you must burn an NFT. Prize pool is 25% of mint sales- 15 Ways to Win!
– Minting Jan 19, 2023

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities


No roadmap. Enjoy playing Season 1 of MRDRVRS… If you like it as much as we know you will, we’ll do a season 2. We already have this in development, so it wont be long between seasons.

All players in season 1 who burn an NFT will be eligible for claims and airdrops for future seasons.

Additional Info

Whether or not we have a discord will be decided by the community post mint.

For you, you can find us on Twitter @MRDRVRS & @MRDRVRSGAME