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Project Description

The Mutant Croco Golf Club is a project that will awaken everyone’s love of golf ⛳️

The Mutant Croco Golf Club’s narrative was inspired by the stories of some of the most outstanding players – such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Nick Faldo and other famous athletes! Their results make you believe that nothing is possible. If a man has a goal, he will stop at nothing 🎯

Why crocodiles? 🐊

Even though they look intimidating, in our story they will reveal a whole new side. The qualities that scare a lot of people, on the contrary, will become their strengths during the competition!

A lot of work has been done during this time. We’ve used Web 2-centric principles that tie into our IRL experience.

The benefits to holding a croco will only grow more and more overtime as we build towards a brighter future. We understand the community is the heart and soul of any brand or product. Therefore, we are entitled to reward those who support us throughout time.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Mutant Croco Golf Club NFT Roadmap

For The Mutant Croco Golf Club’s, there isn’t an obvious road map. No strict step-by-step series of plans of action. A recursive path that will get better as The Mutant Croco Golf Club’s grows.

We present our The Mutant Croco Golf Club’s. A world map full of limitless possibilities, ideas, and places that you can freely explore not only by roads. This space moves very fast, growth should not be about the destination or the path. It’s about the journey. At your own pace.

Additional Info

Supply: 4444
Mint Price: WL – Free
Public – 0.022 ETH
Mint Date: December 3

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