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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

First Omnichannel Collection that you can actively build and merge the traits of your NFT.
Unlike many other projects that usually bring pre-minted collections, on My Hero Petz you have the chance to actively participate in the creation process of your own Petz. To do so, you just need to choose the Pet and the Hero you would like to have, and after minting your Hero will be created, taking into consideration your preferences.

Allow me to clarify: First, you will choose which body you prefer for your NFT, between a Dog or a Cat. Then, you will choose your preferred Hero amongst the many options available.
Each Hero is made up of 10 unique traits, and once you mint your NFT those traits are randomly assigned to your Hero. You are free to pick any hero you want from the list and mint it as many times as you’d like.

The luckier you are, the greater the chances of you getting a complete Hero – the more parts from the same hero you have, the rarer your NFT becomes. Didn’t get all the parts of your chosen hero? Don’t worry! You can merge your Heroes as many times as you want until you have it just the way you‘d like!

The merging process is simple: you just need to select which trait you want to migrate from one Hero to another and merge it… However, after transferring the chosen part, both heroes will be burned in order to create the third one ~ more unique, rare, and potentially pricier! The focus here is to prioritize your enjoyment!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Myheropetz NFT Roadmap

PHASE 0 – Concept and Ideation
PHASE 1 – Community awareness
PHASE 2 – Initial Launch
PHASE 3 – Expansion
PHASE 4 – Consolidation
PHASE 5 – To above and beyond…

You can find our full project roadmap here:

Additional Info

The value for minting your Hero Petz is variable and depends on the blockchain you have chosen to use.
Polygon – 30 Matic
BSC – 0.1 BNB
Ethereum – TBA

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