Ninja Warriors Private Token Sale - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Ninja Warriors, a play-to-earn [P2E] and move-to-earn [M2E] gaming universe inhabited by Ninja Warrior NFTs, has announced private sale dates. Scheduled to kick off on Wednesday, January 25th, 2023, the Ninja Warriors private sale will run for three months, offering ample opportunity for more early investors.

Ninja Warriors native token, $NWT, will serve as a utility and governance token. With a substantial amount of $NWT, players can seamlessly buy NFT characters of players as well as other essential in-game assets. $NWT will have a maximum supply of 900 million, of which 45 million $NWT has been allocated for the upcoming private sale.

In an unprecedented fashion, Ninja Warriors introduces a collateralized stablecoin – $DBUSD [Dragon Ball]. This coin will act as a reward for gamers who complete online and offline missions and exercises.

Through $DBUSD, the Ninja Warriors team hopes to preserve players’ earnings from extreme market volatility synonymous with the crypto market.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Ninja Warriors Private Token Sale NFT Roadmap

Q3 2022
– Concept and Idea
– Team Building
– Project promotions and campaigns
– Community building and development

Q4 2022
– Trailer Launch
– Website Launch
– Whitepaper

Q1 2023
– Private Sale

Q2 2023
– Presale 1.0
– Presale 2.0

Q3 2023
– Exchange listing
– $NWT and $DOBB Token Staking
– Beta NFT Launch

Q4 2023
– Marketplace launch
– Game Launch
– Scholarship program
– NFT sales (land, accessories
– Ninja Warriors Esports Tournaments

Q1 2024
– M2E App Launch
– Media and company major partnerships
– Exchange Listing

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