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Project Description

Throughout human history, it has been those who seize opportunities that rise to the top as the nobles and aristocrats of their communities. This holds true in today’s digital age as well, as the world of Web3 presents opportunities for true enthusiasts to seize their destiny and become the elite of their online communities.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Noble Bonks NFT Roadmap

PHASE 1: Conceptualization and Development
– Conceptualize the idea for the Noble Bonks NFT project and the community
– Develop the initial plans for the project, including the use of staking, Sol/Bonk DAO, and passive income opportunities through a luxury jewelry store
– Launch Socials
– Launch the official website
– Launch Discord server

PHASE 2: NFT Minting and Alpha Launch
– Mint the Noble Bonks NFTs and make them available for purchase
– Launch the Alpha community for members who have acquired NFTs
– Begin accepting members into the community and begin implementing the initial plans

PHASE 3: Staking and Passive Income
– After the minting and Alpha launch, members will begin earning passive income through staking, depending on the rank of their NFTs:
– Each NFT with the rank Monarchist will make a passive income of 100,000 $Bonk/Day
– Each NFT with the rank Nobility will make a passive income of 80,000 $Bonk/Day
– Each NFT with the rank Gentry will make a passive income of 40,000 $Bonk/Day
– Each NFT with the rank Knight will make a passive income of 20,000 $Bonk/Day
– Each NFT with the rank Courtier will make a passive income of 5,000 $Bonk/Day
– The staking income will be distributed among the members who own NFTs of the corresponding rank
– This passive income opportunity will be implemented in parallel to the Alpha launch and members can start earning staking income as soon as they acquire their NFTs

PHASE 4: Community Growth and Development
– Encourage community members to actively participate and provide feedback on the project
– Use feedback and suggestions from the community to develop new plans and opportunities for members to earn passive income
– Continuously engage with the community and evolve the project based on their feedback

PHASE 5: Luxury Jewelry Store Launch
– Launch the luxury jewelry store that will provide passive income opportunities for members
– Members will receive 60% of the profits from the store, with the remaining 40% being used for marketing, growth, and payments for our dedicated team members
– Encourage community members to engage with the store and purchase items to support the community

PHASE 6: Expansion and Continuous Improvement
– Continuously monitor and improve upon the project, including the community, the NFTs, and the luxury jewelry store
– Continuously engage with the community and develop new opportunities for members to earn passive income and increase their status as nobles and aristocrats of Web3
– Expand the project to reach more communities.

Additional Info

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