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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

NYX is a web3 social experiment. A socialization AI that introduces you to like-minded people. The first iteration using this platform will be through a private discord server with proprietary bots to facilitate the Matching protocols. A Club feature of the server groups owners of similar NFT collections using a no-sign verification for ownership proof developed by NYXXP. Features like ‘group personality’ ‘inner and outer circles of community’ ‘p2p matching’ and ‘Clubs’ create a multilayered array of users with similar tastes, personalities, mindset and interests. The technology is scalable into next gen web, VR and AR as well as real world utility. A private Discord server is the incubation

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

NYX Soulmate NFT Roadmap

Roadmap + Utility:

:: 1st 3K are FREE
:: AI powered networking with virtual speed-dating events
:: 1st weave SOULs have priority on FERRYMEN

Evolve to FERRYMEN
+ Fine art PFP
+ Redeemable fine art painting (specials)
+ Enhanced match-making
+ IRL speed-date events
+ more

Additional Info

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