OjOtris - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

2D Character based NFTs

OjOtris is a P2E logic game hosted on the Solana blockchain network. OjOrtis players will have the opportunity to access and attain characters from a set of 5555 algorithmically-generated, non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each character sports six unique traits, and all were created through the joint efforts of a team of talented artists and illustrators.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

OjOtris NFT Roadmap

Stage 01
– Concept development for the OjOrtis collection
– Webpage development and launch
– Game design approval and initial development
– Collaboration with talented artists, who design an exclusive collection
Stage 02 Take a look around
– Beta Game Release
– Whitelist presale
– Public mint for full collection begins
Stage 03 Can’t take my eyes off you
– OjOtris game release
– Preparations for the “Grand Tournament” begin
– Community starts discussions on the future of OjObrand
Stage 04 Behind blue eyes
– Development begins on future games, collections, and projects
– Added bonuses, which NFT holders will access in future projects, are announced
– Release of OjOmerch (including hoodies, figurines, pillows, and more)
Stage 05 Till can you fill my eye
– Build out of the OjOkingdom — games, collections, metaverse collabs, native tokens, IRL-branded stuff, and more

Additional Info

To get on the whitelist, you’ll have to meet a series of conditions listed – https://ojotris.com/whitelist.html

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