Ookeenga Tournament Season 2 - Next NFT Drop
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Project Description

Who can join this tournament?

Everyone can enter the tournament season 2 for free. No nft is required. All players will be given 10 non-nft heroes to play in combat.

Tournament date and time: 12 pm utc – 3 pm utc, 15 november 2022.

Tournament venue: the tournament will take place in a downloadable version specially created for this event. The link to download tournament version will be sent to participants via registered emails.

(*) please note that the downloadable version is only for tournament season 2.
(*) if you wish to practice playing ookeenga, you may start training by playing the free version at https://play.Ookeenga.Io/

Registration form: https://forms.Gle/z57pd3zqlchgce1t7

The form is open from 5 am utc 11 nov to 5 am utc 14 nov 2022.

(*) we may close the form early once the number of valid participants reaches the limit.

Rules and regulations:

• each player is given an account to log into the tournament. The account information will be sent to you after 5 am utc on 14 november. One player has only one account.
• each player is given a fixed inventory of 10 non-nft heroes and the same amount of resources, including power-up items, exp and gkab. You may swap heroes and cards from that inventory only. You may upgrade heroes and use given items to optimize their strategy for the game.
• each player has 10 playing turns in the tournament.
• all players start at the same stage chosen by the tournament organizer.
• the tournament will open from 12 pm utc to 3 pm utc, 15 november 2022. During this time, players must log in to the tournament game by the given account. The leaderboard will be ranked based on the games played in this 3-hour session.

Ranking system: the ranks on the tournament leaderboard are based on the following criteria:

• the number of stars a player gets in 10 playing turns.
• if two players have equal numbers of stars, the player at the lower stages will get a higher rank.
• if two players have equal numbers of stars and are at the same stage, the player who completes 10 playing turns first will get a higher rank.

Prize pool distribution:

• the rewards will be paid in okg based on the equivalent exchange rate at the payout time.

Champions will receive rewards within one week after the leaderboard is announced.

• the $500 prize pool is distributed as below:

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Ookeenga Tournament Season 2 NFT Roadmap

Game Concept
Landing Page
Visual Direction
Game Design Document

Character Concept
Core Combat Development

Minigame Release
Game Alpha Test

Game Release
NFT Marketplace
Major Game UPdate
PVP Feature
Land Presale

Mobile Version
Land/Farm Feature
Ranked PVP Tournaments
Scholarship Program

New Story Arcs
Power-ups Feature
Weapons Feature

Additional Info


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