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Project Description

What is oxydo ?
Sometimes you have to look into the past, in order to make your mark on the future.

Oxydo is all about perspective, using prehistoric wisdom to offer something fresh to the world. As a Dino, you appreciate that forward-thinking requires a respectful nod to the past. Communities shouldn’t exist in static virtual worlds, we should be thriving for an ecosystem without borders, without models where everyone can join as they are.

That is Oxydo.

A majestic collection of 10,000 Oxydo Dinos are making their long-awaited entrance to web 3. Together, they’re transcending the expectations of virtual communities, and building something that will last. Deserving of their ancient stature.

With forward-thinking utility, eco-friendly deliverables and a stream of top-level collaborations, we’re changing the game on what long-term project involvement should look like. If you want rare collectibles, gamification, and priority access to events and collections, you’ll get that here – but we’re also much more than that.

“Together we start, together we grow, together we succeed !”

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Oxydo NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Website coming soon- https://oxydo.io/

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