Project Jaika - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

ProjectJaika is the 1st experimental social innovation NFT project w/ 6000 unique designs, adopting Quadratic Voting and Quadratic Funding to empower a more democratic DAO. Join ProjectJaika to become the pioneers of Web3 and the builders of a decentralized world.

We are a team coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds, living in different countries on Earth, but sharing the same belief: the current power structure in the world needs to be challenged. Just like everyone, we are tired of big platforms taking away the rights of individuals. Inspired by the space travel pioneer Laika, we aim to become the pioneers in web3, a new world empowered by decentralized technology. We start this social innovation experiment based on NFTs and redesigned social orders, and we want to invite you to join us on this journey.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Project Jaika NFT Roadmap

Phase 2: To Infinity and Beyond
We will continue our social innovation project by exploring the use of Soulbound Tokens, which will be airdropped to every ProjectJaika NFT holder. We embrace all possibilities and the best is yet to come.
100% Sold – New journey begins!
An ProjectJaika gift in real life will be available to claim for every holder to celebrate our new journey. ProjectJaika DAO, based on Quadratic Voting and Quadratic Funding, will be established for democratic community governance. 50% of total mint and 50% of future royalties will be added to the DAO vault perpetually to support future endeavors.
75% Sold – Giving back more!
We are grateful for all our supporters and want to share our success. We will reach out to potential investment targets (NFTs or other promising Web3 projects) and invest for the community. Your ProjectJaika NFT will be used for verification of your fractional investment. Any proceeds will belong to the holders after the vesting period.
50% Sold – Giving back!
We will create a grant of $30,000 and award our major community contributors for their continued support in developing and creating value for the community.
25% Sold – On the way
An exclusive gift will be airdropped to every minter to celebrate the start-up of the ProjectJaika community. We will continue to expand with more events and moderators and we welcome your participation.
Phase 1: Project Launch
6000 unique designs are created and uploaded to IPFS. Smart contracts are deployed on Ethereum. Community begins formation and whitelists are given out to community contributors and event participants. Presale and public sale start.

Additional Info

There will be a whitelist so that you can mint earlier than the public. You have three ways to win a whitelist:

  • Participate in our whitelist giveaway events on  Twitter.
  • Join our  Discord  and involve in the community. You can participate in games and level-ups or even become our community moderators.
  • Become our content creators (fan-art, meme, collab, etc.). Every talent and skill set is welcomed.

Whitelist mint will start from 9 PM EST on Thursday,

Jan 30, 2023 and public mint will start from 9 PM EST on Saturday,

Each ProjectJaika NFT will be 0.001 ETH for whitelist and 0.003 ETH for the general public.