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Project Description

Prophecy NFT is a collection of 585 NFTs – each one including a message communicated by supernatural entity called Prophet.

This is a collection of unique predictions for every potential holder with different meanings, from different cultures and belief systems.

Prophecy has never gone without opposition, mainly due to the danger of false prophecy, a danger that can rightly be called the “Achilles heel” of prophecy.

So – Do you want to find your own #ProphecyNFT?

Be a part of our project and get the most mysterious and enigmatic prediction.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

ProphecyNFT NFT Roadmap

Phase I
In-depth study of divine power and development of the Prophecy collection. Each NFTs will contain predictions, divine will or preternatural knowledge, from different cultures and belief systems.

Phase II
Launch of the Prophecy unique collection in a limited amount of 585 NFTs. Available for mint since February 2023.

Phase III
Science, historical sequence, anthropology study. Development of the Prophet collection – the creatures who conveys messages from the divine to humans, including occasionally foretelling future events. They have “open” self due to which receive transcendental wisdom.

Phase IV
Launch of the Prophet NFTs collection. Available for mint since May 2023.
Development of platforms which make possible the Prophecy and the Prophet NFTs collections stake.

Additional Info

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