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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

A collection of 6,666 utility-driven PFPs centered around community and cannabis culture. Holders are provided with exclusive access to an informational cannabis help desk, munchies giveaways, streaming subscription giveaways, discounts on IRL products, PPP-branded products, comic books, and a play-to-earn ecosystem with the native token $PUFFS.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Puff Puff Pandas NFT Roadmap

Phase 1 – 20%
Roll Out The Bud Desk

Staffed by Cannabis-cup winning growers, budtenders, and pot aficionados, THE BUD DESK is your 24/7 concierge for all of your burning, marijuana-related questions. Never cleaned a bong before? Need tips on how to roll? Wonder which soil type is the best for growing? We got you. Imagine your friendly neighborhood hippie had a PhD in Ganja Studies. That’s us.

Phase 2 – 40%
Munchies & Movies

Hungry? Us too, dude. I still really want those nachos. Selected Puffers will receive over 500 monthly supplies of international munchies shipped directly to your door, free of charge. And we like to kick back to Rick & Morty as much as the next Puffer, so we’ll be airdropping enough ETH to cover over 1,000 streaming subscriptions to select holders. Holy Smokes–we almost forgot the $100,000 in mystery box giveaways!

Phase 3 – 60%
Discount Drop

Save more green, with your green. Our network of Puff-affiliated dispensaries and cannabis-related companies will hook you up with significant discounts across 10,000 products. All Puffers will also score access to PPP hoodies, glassware, grinders, and more. Who wants the smoke?

Phase 4 – 80%
Metaverse Establishment

If you have a plug like ours, you know what it feels like to be knocked into the metaverse. It’s awesome. So we’ve got our eyes on a plot of green in the Metaverse Sandbox, exclusively accessible to holders. Our metaverse will provide our Web3 Community DAO with a place for community meetups, special events, and guest speakers. Puff here, puff there, puff everywhere.

Phase 5 – 100%
Puff The Magic Panda
Our ultimate goal in life is to be able to sit back, play video games, and smoke weed all day every day. You might call it our burning passion… Our Play-To-Earn game makes our dream a reality, allowing Puffers to pit their NFTs against each other in a smoke-off to the finish line—where winners earn $PUFFS. Every holder will be airdropped 420 $PUFFS for free 10 days after Public Mint, but more can be rewarded by completing QuestBoards in our Discord Community. Beware, the most rare (and baked) Puffers will have an edge! Find out more about our tokenomics structure and rules of gameplay.

Phase 6 – ∞
Infinity & Beyond

After building, establishing, and growing our community throughout Roadmap 1.0, we will release our Roadmap 2.0. The PPP Community DAO will vote on everything we bring to life, whether it be enhancing Puff’s P2E Game, donations to charity, IRL events, an exclusive animated series starring Puff The Magic Panda, or anything else creatively cannabis-related!

Roadmap 2.0 also includes furthering the Golden Roadmap. A secret roadmap reserved specially for the 420 holders of our Golden Pandas. And we haven’t even told you about The Pink Panda…

Additional Info


Join our Twitter and Discord. Whitelisted spots are given to winners of competitions, solvers of puzzles, winners of giveaways, and most importantly contributors to our community.

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