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Project Description

Puffverse is a Disney-like dreamland of the 3D metaverse, powered by ecological partners, web 3.0 software, and a hardware underlying infrastructure that aims to create a metaverse to connect virtuality in Web 3 and reality in Web 2.
How to Register?
Puff is overjoyed to announce the launch of its first Puff Tickets and Puff Genesis NFT FREE MINT section!
We will open for Free Mint Whitelist registration starting from Sep 30th and continuing for 5 weeks.
⭐️ Week 1 Registration Period — Sep 30th to Oct 6th ⭐️

Week 2 Registration Period — Oct 7th to Oct 13th
Week 3 Registration Period — Oct 14th to Oct 20th
Week 4 Registration Period — Oct 21st to Oct 27th
Week 5 Registration Period — Oct 28th to Nov 3rd
⏰ CLAIM DATE & TIME 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻⏰
Make sure you have 0.01 ETH in your wallet address and use that address to register for our Premint Event and complete all the tasks.
1. Participate to get WHITELISTED
2. Claim your Puff Ticket if you are whitelisted (Check the claim date above)
*** REMEMBER – First come first serve!! Only 15,000 Puff Tickets are to be claimed!
*** One address is able to mint 2 Puff Tickets
3. Use Puff Ticket to participate in Puff Lottery for a chance to win Puff Genesis each week for 5 weeks. (Check the lottery date above)
*** The earlier you are, the higher your chance is to get Puff Genesis
Puff Ticket: a precious ticket that will open the door to the Puffverse and is valuable if users still hold this ticket from time to time. – FREE MINT FOR WHITELISTS
Puff Genesis: an exclusive NFT with premium utilities in virtual and reality. – FREE MINT FROM LOTTERY
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Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Puffverse NFT Roadmap

The current state of Puffverse

The main focus right now is mostly on creating a metaverse with a Disney-like metaverse. Puffs will be the character inside our metaverse. Users can access our metaverse through TVs, mobiles, virtual reality headsets, and other devices to play socially, competitively, and for fun. To earn profitably, players can even design their own UGC land in the metaverse.

Game Completed

The team has extensive experience in the gaming industry with reliable partners and will keep enhancing the game’s quality and providing players with a variety of experiences.

Exploring a Metaverse Scenario

In addition to gathering thoughts and ideas for the Puffverse, the team eagers to create a social playground for participants in Disney-style with a direct channel to receive feedback to act in a timely manner.


Passcard is the ticket to Puffverse. With Passcard, users can enter and exit Puffverse whenever and wherever they want, including all the scenes that will be created in the future. Puffverse embraces everyone to explore the impressive world together.

Available Scenes

Puff – NFT mint and exchange
PuffGo – A 3D casual competitive game developed on Unity engine
Puff UGC – Editable and designable Puff game
Puffverse – Enter the Puffverse with a digital identity

What To See

Access the Puffverse, a new Disney-like metaverse that belongs to everyone through an exclusive Passcard. Fascinating characters are waiting for your visit and travel together across each corner of the Puffverse. Adventure is always out there to be explored, gear up for it and hit the road!


You can design the game with Puff’s UGC without knowing how to code as long as your imaginations are loaded: This is a straightforward new creator tool that greatly lowers the bar for creating 3D games, and it is based on all the ideas of the Unity development environment. This might open the gate to a new career as a metaverse maker.


ONE ID to ALL devices

Log in to your ID anytime and anywhere, whether it’s on the phone, tablet, TV, or a VR device. As long as it’s deployed with the Puff-supported technology, it can be your gateway to the grand Puffverse. Enter the Puffverse via hardware to unlock sociable, competitive, entertaining, and many other ways to play. Regardless of the places, pick up the hardware nearby and switch your identity in an instant to explore any way you want in the Puffverse. In addition, you can quit the game whenever you need some rest, your traces will be well-saved in the Puffverse and always wait for you to come home.

Puff Community

Puffverse is dedicated to creating a free and open community where users can have their suggestions and advice delivered to us at any time. In a community-centered metaverse, respect, innovation, connection, and creation are the 4 important themes.

Additional Info

⏰ Date & Time: 06/10/22 At 04 PM UTC

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