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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Play Unity Gold Game.

Cyberpunk, unreal, engine, mixed reality technology. The cyber sci-fi parallel world. Developed on the basis of unreal engine 4/5 subgenre. Connecting the real world with the virtual parallel world.

An NFT social entertainment trading platform, based on mixed reality technology. A comprehensive world, that integrates Gamefi socialfi arts and marketplaces and strives to build an open Metaverse ecological connector.

A land once thought to be only existent in the realm of imagination, has been rediscovered. Settling beyond the fabrics of space and time. the gates to the City are finally opening to the daring ones. Are you one of them?

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

PUGG NFT Roadmap

2022 Q4
– Create Website
– Build Community
– Launch Advertising
– Private & Public NFT sale

– Launch Pugg App for IOS
– Launch of Metaverse virtual Live-streaming fuction for PUGG’s cooperative KOLs.
Completion of the Sci-fi planet for Cixin Liu’s global fans.
-Docking with major NFT trading platforms to allow cross-chain transactions

– Launch PUGG App (for Android)
– Release of PUGG main galaxy citizenship 20 NFT blind boxes in PUGG game
– Global release of Cixin Liu’s 20 NFT collection
– Lauch of the first 30 exhibition hall of blind boxes in PUGG Metaverse for PUGG’s first group of cooperative NFT projects
– Lauch of PUGG’s marketplace, the worlds first visualized NFT marketplace which PUGG invites global NFT project parties to settle in
– Gloabl release of Cixin Liu’s 30 NFT collection
– Improvement of the token economy and launch of the centralised exchange

Additional Info

Website coming soon!

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