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Project Description

Experience true ground breaking innovation by a team of renowned experts in Web3 and NFT space.

Joining the Raisensu tribe is the key to a massive ecosystem filled with real value and entertainment to each asset owner.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Raisensu CNFT NFT Roadmap

Phase 1- Complete

We are building a foundation for the Raisensu community by prioritizing their needs and ensuring that all members fully believe in the ecosystem and project. This foundation will serve as a stepping stone for both short-term and long-term goals and developments. By providing channels, and mediums to bring together like-minded, forward thinking individuals, we will foster a dedicated and invested Rai-zu community.

Phase 2

The objective of this mission is to establish a team that is both competent and dedicated to the project’s success. To achieve this, the focus will be on identifying and recruiting the best talent in the Cardano NFT space, starting with individuals within the community who already have a strong understanding of and belief in the project’s ecosystem. By building a team of skilled and knowledgeable individuals, the project aims to take advantage of the unlimited growth potential in the Cardano NFT market. The recruitment and hiring process will be a critical step in this mission, and great care will be taken to identify the most qualified and suitable candidates to fill key roles and positions within the team.

Phase 3
Physical Collectibles & Statement making

Every Raisensu holder will receive a 1:1 3D avatar of their character, which can be imported into any compatible metaverse or game that accepts the provided 3D file format such as .3ds, .obj and .fbx. This will allow users to utilize their Raisensu to create and join whatever medium they desire with their avatar, such as film, video games, and fashion.

To connect Raisensu Predator members and allow them to show pride in their tribe, the project will create high-quality merchandise. Additionally, physical collectibles such as displayers and an official Raisensu license card will be released, allowing members to represent their membership in the tribe everywhere they go.

Phase 4
Raisensu MEDIA

A Raisensu comic book will be created in collaboration with a creative design studio. The comic book will serve as a deeper look into the world and origin of Raisensu. You can expect to see snippets of the comic book by the end of Q2 2023. This comic will be used as a starting point to launch a series of animated films, where Raisensu members will have the opportunity to participate in. This is an opportunity to open the doors of the Raisensu universe for all community members to explore, engage and enjoy.

Phase 5

The project will involve Raisensu tokenomics, including the introduction of a coin called $RAI, which will be key to exploring and conquering the digital world.The project’s focus is on creating a digital world of utility where members can play, enjoy and connect, while prioritizing sustainability and liquidity as main objectives.

To achieve this, the project will strive to create the biggest and most useful ecosystem in the space. The objective is to enhance utility value for the token holders and create an ecosystem that is capable of driving utility use-cases. The introduction of $RAI will be a core element in the tokenomics and it will play a key role in the ecosystem.

Phase 6

Raisensu will introduce staking options for NFT assets and time-based staking. Members will be able to stake their NFTs, or unstake them after designated lock periods. Multipliers will be applied for members who are Double Star Predators, who stake for longer periods or who stake multiple NFT assets at one time. Staking NFT assets will earn members $RAI, increasing the utility value of the token and incentivizing engagement in the ecosystem. The objective is to create a sustainable and liquid ecosystem with various ways to participate and generate returns. More details in Whitepaper.

Additional Info

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