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Next NFT Drop

Project Description


The RaveFaces Backstage Pass NFT is the whitelist for the RaveFaces OG Drop.
Backstage Pass NFT holders can mint 2 OGs on the presale for ETH.

Once minted during the presale, the Backstage Pass NFT is burnt, and you receive enough $R4VE reward to be able to mint another OG at the beginning of Phase II.

You may use your Backstage Pass NFT during the entire mint to purchase an OG for ETH, and to burn for $R4VE.


We are RaveFaces, a collective of electronic music producers and generative artists. We are here to rave the metaverse and to create a place and community for creative individuals of web3.

Ravefaces evolve around the collaborations of its artists via Rituals. The OG collection reflects the hands of 100 artists.



The OG RaveFaces NFT is your membership to the community.

Be a part of the RaveFaces Metaverse Club experience!

**THE OG DROP 27. November 2022**

The mint will have 3 phases.

– Presale for the holders of the Backstage Pass NFT (Whitelist)

– Public sale Phase I: 2000 OGs to be auctioned for ETH

– Public sale Phase II: 3000 OGs to be auctioned for $R4V3

– 2000 – 3000 tokens for 2 $R4V3

– 3000 – 4000 tokens for 4 $R4V3

– 4000 – 5000 tokens for 8 $R4V3

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

RaveFaces BackStage Pass NFT Drop NFT Roadmap

🏁 2022 Q3
Rave girls and rave boys hang out together on Discord
Techno YT stream of the OG RaveFaces Collection and via community submissions
Continue with the weekly Vibrations Twitter podcast: Interviews with electronic music producers and visual artists focusing on web3 – later available on Spotify
Launch of the pop – up InTheFlow events by one of the artists
Launch Heartbeat Calls to meet with the everybody once in a while
Launch Rituals gatherings where artists contribute to the 5000 OG RaveFaces Collection

🏁 2022 Q4
RaveFaces meet at an InRealLife event with live talks, an exhibition and concerts – we introduce our first POAP token
BACKSTAGE PASS drop: BP is a free collection of 500 utility NFTs, the main utility of BPs is that the holder is on the OG drop whitelist, later can be burnt for $R4V3
OG RAVEFACES drop: This is where you can start staking NFTs into the RADIO contract and start to mine $R4V3.The first 2000 OG’s will sell for ETH but the rest of the 5000 goes for $R4V3.Staked OG’s mine 3x $R4V3.
Stake $R4V3 to the GOVERNANCE contract and get more power of voting
Happy New Year XD

🏁 2023 Q1
Governance establishes with weekly meetings
Treasury will be established and controlled by the community: 30 % profit of the OG collection goes to the community wallet
Staked music NFT’s are start to be curated by the community and our radio starts soon
The community make milestone decisions on the metaverse club
RaveFaces partners with RarityTools and publish the rarity tables
Launch the merchandise shop – Limited Edition items for $R4V3
Launch exclusive in -house art NFT auctions series for $R4V3

🏁 2023 Q2
Launch the artist incubator program: Ritual II.
RaveFaces buy virtual land in the metaverse to establish our future techno hub
The community start designing the virtual techno club
Spring Celebration IRL Party with RaveFaces artists, investors, friends and star guests

🏁 2023 Q3
Launch the RaveFaces Metaverse Club 1.0
Grand Opening Metaverse Party with RaveFace artists and star guests
Exclusive apparel merch in collaboration with the community’s chosen fashion brand
RaveFaces LP release: produced by community artists, released, and digitally distributed by the RaveFaces Techno Label.
Limited edition physical distribution of RaveFaces LP for $R4V3

🏁 2023 Q4
We continue to ‘Rave the Metaverse’

Additional Info

BP Free Mint 25.11
OG Drop 27.11

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!

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