Riveria - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Get ready to shop with Riveria, a 5555 supply PFP collection that offers a cross-chain crypto-based e-commerce platform with ready pre-mint utilities for holders.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Riveria NFT Roadmap

1. 30 Days Carnival
30 Days of Carnival contains daily giveaways of partner NFTs/Spots for 30 days. The first step of our roadmap is the transition step to be prepared for real utilities.

2.Tokenomics ($RVA)
The day 30 Days of Carnival finishes or before, we will announce our tokenomics and launch our $RVA token. $RVA token will have various usage areas for our holders. Usage areas of $RVA are Holders Marketplace, Riveria.shop, Web3 partner platforms.

3.Staking | Stake & Earn $RVA
Staking is another holder-rewarding utility and it’s traditional. Our holders will stake their NFTs and be rewarded with $RVA token which they will have the opportunity to spend on various platforms.

4.Launch of Marketplace
After preparing our base, the marketplace will be ready to launch. On Castle Marketplace you will be able to buy Whitelist spots for upcoming degen or blue-chip projects (they will be cheap, promise).

4.1.WL Marketplace
The first shop in the castle will be the marketplace, on our Whitelist marketplace you will be able to purchase upcoming degen or blue-chip projects. Spots will be as high as they can possibly be but still It might be first come first serve. The Whitelist shop will be renewed every week with the newest projects that you might be trying to get whitelist.

4.2.Treasure Chest
What is Treasure Chest?

The Treasure Chest is a high-risk/high-reward rewarding utility that will be available for our holders in our marketplace. This is in our short-mid term roadmap plan to provide and deliver to our holders in every way. While we build our e-commerce our holders will not feel left and we will be constantly delivering them.

Treasure Chest will be another option for our holders to spend their $RVA token in our holders-only marketplace. It has high-risk/high-reward for those who are always late for product spots, NFT, or WL spots.

The Treasure Chest will contain various rewards, NFTs, or Spots. Treasure Chest will be re-stocked every week with various rewards and will be available for purchase for 5 days of the week. On the weekends’ holders will be able to open the boxes and get their rewards or cashback $RVA token.

It is high-risk/high-reward because every holder is not promised to win a product/reward. The floor reward will be $RVA token.

How Does It Work?

Our holders will be able to purchase Treasure Chest on weekdays and will be able to open their chests on weekends. The number of NFTs Staked = Number of Treasure chests. In Treasure Chest, there will be few but precious rewards. The minimum reward that our holders can get will be $RVA token.

4.3. Holder special NFT Marketplace (Buy NFTs & Web2 Products with $RVA token)
The second shop will be NFT Marketplace, you can think of this as magiceden but with a low supply. We will fulfill our marketplace with our royalties, we will be doing weekly NFT shopping with our public wallet. NFT Marketplace also will be weekly renewed, unfortunately, it will be first come first serve. It’s a great way to purchase NFTs with the Castle you just hold. Besides that, we are aiming to provide physical products to be sold on our marketplace. By the time we will be building our tokenomics, legal matters will be fixed and ready to go.

5.Future Airdrops
We will be giving away surprise airdrops, can be anything. Just prepare your address information but can not promise which address Web 2.0 or Web 3.0?

6.Secondary Collection
We love people who love the second collection and probably everyone will wonder how does the interior look like. You can not own a castle with no interior so more to build.

7.Riveria Shop (Crypto Based E-commerce platform)
Castles of Riveria aims to create a public crypto-based e-commerce platform. Users will be able to connect their wallets and shop like they purchase NFTs on Magiceden. Castles of Riveria is making web2 partnerships in order to provide the greatest experience to its users. When we launch Riveria.shop it will become a unique company that will be able to generate its own revenue. We will be using a certain percentage of its profit on our NFT collection. Holders Benefit: Our holders will be getting exclusive e-commerce platform benefits and lifetime Riverian membership on our e-commerce platform. By holding Castles of Riveria NFT you will be able to benefit from insane amounts of web2 and web3 utilities.

Additional Info


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