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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

NFT Utility, a project based on tools for the APTOS network, is a hybrid project that can be used by both holders and project creators. Giving an added value to the collection.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

SattoNFT APTOS NFT Roadmap

RoadMap STEP 1 Marketing (Redes informativas)

✔️Construcción del Twitter
✔️Construcción del Discord
✔️Construcción de la pagina web Herramientas Paso 1
✔️Bot de ventas para Discord
✔️Bot de ventas para Twitter
✔️Bot de Noticias Crypto para Discord
✔️Bot de enlistado de NFT

SNIPER APTOS DiscordRoad Map STEP 1 Marketing (information networks)

✔️ Twitter Construction
✔️Discord build
✔️Construction of the web page Tools Step 1
✔️Sales bot for Discord
✔️Salesbot for Twitter
✔️Crypto News Bot for Discord
✔️NFT Enlist Bot
✔️APTOS Sniper Discord Collaborations with other APTOS projects

— Any Project of the APTOS network that is interested in participating in our growth will be able to use some of the tools that we have for the benefit of their community. — All project participants who collaborate with us will automatically receive WL from our project — For collaborations with us you can open a collaboration ticket here contact-ticket Mint

We open the WL option until 16/11/22

We will be doing the MINT on 16/10/22

Road Map Step 2 Tools 2 //// Construction of an NFT wallet explorer for APTOS In it you can obtain complete information about your wallet or any other. //// — Amount of APT in the wallet. — The NFTs out there have. — Wallet transactions. — Gains and losses of the entire wallet. — Investment made in the APTOS network. — The project that gave more profit. — The project that gave less profit. — The best transaction for the sale of NFT. — The worst transaction for the sale of NFT. — General balance of account statements. — And much more… //// NFT checker for collections //// //// Voting for collections that work with centralized DAO //// //// Browser extension that will include several of our tools ///


Additional Info

NFT utility project, of tools for the APTOS and Solana network.
MINT in APTOS UPDATE 16/11/22 20:00 UTC

Open to collabs 😉

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