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Project Description

In 2022, a glitch brought 7777 legendary SeaHorse Warriors back to life to rule the Metaverse. They are exceptionally rare and owning one is like walking among the gods.
SEAHORSEARMY HIGHLIGHTS The Bad SeaHorses own the first Underwater Meta Nightclub that will blow your mind. Imagine being in the middle of the ocean exploring VIP dance floors and the best DJ sets with your friends.

Presale 0.07 ETH
Public: 0.14 ETH Project Info and Utility:
✓ 10X floor price Target & Strategy by building Meta Architectures.
✓ Membership Access to SeaHorseArmy Venues & Meta Lands.
✓ Doxxed & Experienced Team.
✓ All holders will get regular NFT airdrops for FREE.
✓ 1 Minter will win a CyberTruck and 10 minters will win 5k in ETH.
✓ Swag & Branded Physical & Virtual Fashion.
✓ Holders Win ETH, NFTs, Tickets, Vacations, Merch.
✓ Lots more.. The art is generated by combining over 250 hand-drawn unique traits.

There are different rarities of SeaHorses. While each of the SeaHorses resembles a unique character, some have their own superpower. Find out more by minting one and exploring their rich Metadata. Mint & join the Club today

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

SeaHorseArmy NFT | The first Underwater Nightclub NFT Roadmap

Partnership with other projects and VIP/influencers to create exclusive events in our Meta Nightclub

Additional Info

We have the first Underwater Meta Nightclub and holders will have FREE access.

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