Shibonk Gang - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Shibonk Gang, a social experiment deployed on and Powered by the Solana Blockchain.

4,200 Unique Digital Collectables created to bring like-minded people together to; socialize, trade, innovate and represent together all through the Shibonk Gang NFT collection. Your SG Nft grants you access to an exclusive community, Voting rights in the SG DAO and the ability to Mine $SBONK tokens along with plenty more cool sh*t.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Shibonk Gang NFT Roadmap

PHase 1

– Launch Shibonk on Solana Blockchain

– Announce our first Meme Contest

– Announce Shibonks first Airdrop – SHIBONK x DEGODS

– Create Shibonks first Liquidity Farm – Starting APR 700%

– Add Roadmap to Website

Phase 2

– Achieve listing of Shibonk on CoinGecko

– Announce further Airdrops of Shibonk – SHIBONK x j00ts

– Achieve listing of Shibonk on Coinmarketcap

– Release Shibonk NFT Collection

– Create and Launch NFT minting portal/dApp

Phase 3

– Get Shibonk Listed on its First Exchange

– Create more Liquidity pool pairs with popular Solana Tokens

– Hold a Shibonk “Master of Memes” contest

– Further top tier Exchange listings

– Our Roadmap will Develop as SHIBONK does, with some things we can’t announce just yet up our sleeves – Stay Tuned.

Additional Info

The official $SBONK NFT collection!
Wen Mint? 21/01/2023
Where Mint? (Not Live Yet)
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