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Project Description

Discrimination, gender bias and environmental neglect are distant memories from past planets and societies. Slick City (founded on planet Gliese 667 Cc) lays the foundations of how future societies operate. Equality, identity and governance are the pillars of Slick City. This is a land where a citizen can be themselves, no matter their color, gender identity, style of clothing or way of thinking. The Slick City NFT represents this wave of thought. Its community embodies these pillars through charity, fashion and a hybrid DAO.
Lea Lorraine and her team spent nearly a year developing each unique fashion item for the first release of the Slick City hybrids. Literally hundreds of individual jackets, jewelry pieces, tops, dresses, eyewear pieces, and hair styles were created to give holders the most diversified set of digital fashion the NFT world has ever seen. In the real world, no one wants to wear the same thing as everyone else, and that concept was transcended into the Slick City design process. Each Slick City hybrid is an individual; these NFTs were not created to be mass produced but instead give holders something that they love and hold onto.
Slick City isn’t just a brand. It isn’t just a collection. Born from the mind of Lea Lorraine – we are creating Web 3.0’s largest charity, fashion and DAO community. One that gives power to the creators and the community. Starting with 4,444 avatars , Slick City is a canvas for collaborations, physical and digital, bringing real utility to charity, fashion and DAO culture.
And that starts with community. Community is at the heart of our culture. It’s an identity. A movement. A way to express yourself and your creativity. From Lea’s art to how we interact with our members: community is key.
We aren’t just another avatar project. When you join Slick City, you’re joining the community of the future.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Slick City NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Want to get on the Slick City Whitelist?

Pay close attention to the ‘How-To-Get-WL’ channel on our Discord.

There will be regular announcements of ways to get on our limited whitelist. Why is Slick City choosing this method? Because there will only be 4,444 Slick City Citizens minted and we want the most involved, excited and committed community members as our founding citizens.