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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

SLIMES are 9,888 fun-loving beings that have been cursed with a coating of supernatural slime by the corrupt wizard Pandorokus. Time is running out as their deadly infection of ooze consumes their minds and bodies to eventual destruction into oblivion. Unfortunately, some SLIMES are #NGMI unless you save them! These NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain and each one is unique. Inspired by fantasy RPGs and pop culture references, SLIMES are generated from over 200 hand-drawn assets. Some are rarer than others! SLIMES is an acronym for Silly Little Infected Magical Energy Superstars. Your SLIMES NFT will allow you to: ‍ ✅ own a unique and personal metaverse identity that grants you membership into building our pop culture brand as a community ✅ experience the interactive world of Web3 through a wild and dramatic multi-year storyline of magic and mayhem in the land of Nilad ✅ co-ownership of unlimited worldwide commercial licensing rights to your character to create your own stories and sell merchandise ‍ ✅ vote on Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) improvement proposals funded by a community wallet ✅ periodically claim free (+ gas fees) NFT comic books, which are key to building an emotional attachment to our characters and will have Web3 utility to be revealed later ‍ (an additional retail value of $500+)

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities



3,000 SLIMES NFT are available as a free mint!

Yes, that is 30% of our supply, which is $300,000 of potential revenue we are sacrificing to allow members of our Discord community to own our NFT.

After 3,000 SLIMES NFTs are claimed for free and we pre-mint 300 for giveaways and our team, we offer the remaining supply of 6,588 for a very affordable price of 0.04 ETH.

With a motivated community that has a stake in our project, we work on finishing the SLIMES comic book issue #1 to jumpstart this multi-year interactive storyline to build our brand that we envisioned from the start.

We’ll also submit our comics to be released on Web2 platforms such as Comixology (Amazon Publishing) to extend our reach to a broader pop culture audience.


If paid minting continues after all 3,000 free NFTs are claimed we can budget further development of SLIMES!

Coding begins on the Web3 aspects of the SLIMES ecosystem involving our NFT comic books and utility token called SLIMES Universe Points ($SUP).

SUP is not a financial investment and cannot be purchased from us. It can only be earned through activities in the SLIMES Universe.

What makes Web3 sustainable is DeFi.

Similar to the mechanics of Murat Pak’s “The Fungible” NFT collection, we enable our NFT comic books to be burnt for $SUP tokens, which can later be used to gamify aspects of our ecosystem.


As more collectors mint our NFTs after our generous free mint has passed, our options become greater to cycle value back to our community!

We will look spend $50,000 on acquiring parcels of land in various game worlds such as The Sandbox GameWorldwide Webb, and the Otherside to build the SLIMES metaverse based on locations featured in the comic books.

In the future, as we build our pop culture brand together, we’d like to integrate community lore into interactive stories within those game worlds.

Currently, we have a parcel of Sandbox Game land already dedicated to the SLIMES universe as placeholder!

Sandbox Land (133, 90)


Once our entire SLIMES collection of 9,888 NFTs are minted our full roadmap unlocks, which includes:

⭐ motion pictures development
⭐ pixel art sprite sheets
⭐ blockchain character journal

With a large enough community of NFT holders who may be writing lore for their characters and participating in decentralized world-building through artwork and memes, we can explore developing an additional collaborative story to be distributed on various Web3 comic book platforms that have recently emerged.

Additionally, a percentage of ETH will be used to fund the SLIMES community wallet to support our DAO to vote on improvement proposals.

And of course, we get SLIMES listed on so that collectors can measure the stats of various items in our collection.

Additional Info

Are you part of an NFT community that’s based on wonderful art and a fun backstory, but is grappling with you to invest your valuable time to create an ambitious narrative? Unlike other projects that are struggling to create deep lore with their anxious communities, the creators of SLIMES have already structured out an exciting multi-year storyline! Our artist Ardie Aquino is an award-winning comic book creator from the Philippines and our main focus is to create a powerful emotional attachment to the SLIMES characters through dramatic storytelling with NFTs — interactive art that can be designed to do things such as unlock hidden features at key narrative events or transform over time based on how long you have them stored in your wallet!