Solana Squid Soldiers - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Solana Squid Soldiers.
A collection of 456 unique NFTs.
1. You can mint Solana Squid Soldiers NFT;
2. You can buy or sell Solana Squid Soldiers NFTs on marketplaces at any time;
3. You can hold your Solana Squid Soldiers NFTs in your wallet and join the lucky ones who will take part in an unforgettable game event with an impressive cash prize.
Yes, we are not a fashionable metaverse these days.
Yes, we are not the team that has been creating an AAA-blockchain game for several years and still can’t release it!
But we are a team that has already developed its own game program and you can enjoy it right after the mint! And by playing our game, you can earn good money! 😉
This is Solana collection.
If you want to participate in the whitelist raffle, then write the address of your SOL wallet in the comments.
Don’t miss your chance! Good luck! 😉

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Solana Squid Soldiers NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

Creating a collection of 456 unique Solana Squid Soldiers NFTs.
Phase 2

Creating a website, Twitter, and Discord.
Phase 3

Only 456 Solana Squid Soldiers NFTs will be available for the mint.
Phase 4

Listing on all major marketplaces.
Will try to involve all major marketplaces. Will announce negotiation results as soon as we have them.
Phase 5

Holding gaming events.
All Solana Squid Soldiers NFTs holders will have the chance to participate in an unforgettable competition with a big cash prize.
Phase 6 Feedback from the community to adjust the further development plan of the project

Chapter II are coming soon…

Additional Info

The sale date will be announced in advance in our groups on Twitter, Discord, and the website.