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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Everybody wants to make big money with their NFTs. That’s why SugarDaddy NFT is giving away 80% of all profits in recurring Solana raffles. Your NFT is your digital lottery ticket, valid for every raffle.

SugarDaddy NFT claims to be the world’s first lottery system where it is impossible to manipulate the outcome. Our raffles aren’t done with manipulatable machines, fraudulent software or bribed notaries. No, we came up with something simple yet ingenious.

Instead of picking numbers, we select real-life events to generate the winning number. These events have three things in common:

– They haven’t taken place yet.

– They will generate a certain number.

– The outcome is openly verifiable.

(for instance: next week’s temperature in Paris)

Over time, all selected events have generated a specific number. The SugarDaddy team will combine the last digits of every event to create the jackpot-winning-number.

So, no difficult or unrealistic metaverse applications, roadmaps or web 3.0 plans; just Solana cash prizes! Are you ready to become a SugarDaddy? Check out:

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

SugarDaddy NFT NFT Roadmap

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Minting: 16 Sept 2022 10:00 UTC

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