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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Sui Bears is the 1st Okay Bears derivative to launch on the Sui blockchain.

A limited NFT collection featuring a richly diverse and unique pool of re-drawn traits from the original Okay Bears collection. What’s more, each Sui Bear grants you access to our metaverse – an open-world environment full of economic opportunity and fun group endeavours.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Sui bears NFT Roadmap

Launch Roadmap

We envision our project to be encompassed by the metaverse. We aspire to deliver a pre-eminent launch from having marketplace listings and partnerships pre-announced, as well as, growing an organic community of engaged users who are passionate about this life-changing experience we’re giving them, one they’ll never forget! We have and will adjust even the slightest of issues and do not take anything less than perfection for an answer.

Foreseeable Future

Us, Sui Bears, observe the long-term, we are deeply passionate about indulging ourselves in this diverse space. We excel at innovation and have many plans in mind to expand and grow our Sui Bear ecosystem from real-life congregations for our holders, to the disclosure of future Sui Bear collections. We want to build our ecosystem with you, and to have your best interests in mind therefore we will host community polls & votes to decide what we should be constructing next to develop our exciting ecosystem. We wish to create a social, ecological and global impact and build something extraordinary with everyone. Everyone has the right to evaluate how we should grow the Sui Bear project, hence we invite and encourage you to connect with us to voice your opinion. We look forward to seeing what happens in the future! Love from the team at Lazy Labs!

2022 Q4

Community is our number one priority, and that’s why we’re going to give our everything to have a community-based solid launch. We plan to provide different incentives to our loyal Sui Bear members through whitelist spots, free Bears or even $SUI tokens. We will conduct participation challenges, look out for people most loyal to us and award them with a unique role and free mint. The goal is to have a strong community going through a roadmap together ❤️

* Listing and features on the biggest Sui NFT marketplaces. Let’s pay back our moms!

* Airdrop of Sui $BEAR token to our NFT holders which will be used as a currency in our upcoming bear market and Bear World metaverse.

* Disclosure of our rarity gallery for each asset and integration onto our website and later into the Bear World.

* During the first stage of our roadmap, we’re planning unique collaborations with established Sui projects to increase our reputability throughout the Sui ecosystem.

2023 Q1 – Q4 and onwards

* Launch of 3D Sui Bears copies which our holders will get airdropped into their wallets. 3D Sui Bears will serve as avatars in the Bear World. We’re also planning unique 3D accessories and clothes for our Bears which will be purchasable in our Bear Market.

* Bear Market, where users can sell and purchase 3D Bears, commodities, and assets associated with Bear World.

* Establishment of the Sui Bears DAO for future decisions. Council members will be elected based on their community eminence and activity. Our Bear World is going to be based on democracy 🙂

* All assets will be held in a community wallet controlled entirely by the Sui Bears DAO after liquidity for our token has been allocated.

* Official Sui Bears merch, accessible only to our NFT holders.

* Release of our Bear World, a Play-2-Earn metaverse where users can interact with in-world activities, events and each other.

* Opening the first Bear World casino, where users could let off some steam by participating in standard casino games and poker while emersed in our metaverse.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!