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Project Description

GEN2 For Sushi Cats Fam

GEN1: Sushi Cats (sold out) | GEN2: SUSHIUKI FREE MINT (minting on 16th Sep)

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities



Trading volume basis
(Trading volume will be based on both Sushi Cats and SUSHIUKI)

Every 150 volume traded
Bring 55 stray cats to our Metaverse Kitty Adoption Plan.
Every 150 trade volumes would bring 55 stray cats blind boxes to our holders until 5,555 stray cats boxes ran out.

1,000 volume traded
Mutant Sushi Cats or pixel Sushi Cats (based on community votes) airdrops/free mints will be started.

1,500 volume traded
DAO (The decentralized autonomous
organization) will be initiated.
10% fund from royalty will go to community wallet.

5,000 volume traded
Team will spend 50 ETH to sweep the floor.
Team will spend 75 ETH to gather and
help other cats NFT projects to build
a Metaverse Cats League together.

7,500 trading volume
Metaverse Cats League Plan starts

10,000 trading volume
Deposit 100 ETH to community wallet.
25% of royalty will deposit to community wallet.

Fam Trip

In an effort to provide more value to our art collectors, as well as growing our ecosystem and culture, we will be releasing a related comic once the current collections have proven to be well established in the NFT space.

Building a private art club
Curating art contests, collaborating with young artists and helping women artists to find their way on NFT space and publish their own NFT collection.

Upgrading your Sushi Cats Fam series
Once SUSHIUKI sold out, we will open the Sushi Cats Fam art lab.
Burn 1 Sushi Cats NFT & 1 SUSHIUKI NFT, you will get a well-designed NFT of girl with cat (Sushi Cats and SUSHIUKI).

SUSHIUKI Live2D & Livestream2Earn(立ち絵)
Creating SUSHIUKI Live2D for SUSHIUKI holders
Not only your avatar’s look on web3, also allows you to interact with it, use for live stream and etc.
The demo will be shown on our official website before mint.

Whale perk
An exclusive perk for whale of Sushi Cats and SUSHIUKI.
Sneak peek and details will be revealed one week before SUSHIUKI official launch.

Stay tuned for more details to come as we
expand the world of Sushi Cats Fam!

Additional Info

Comic Burn LAb SUSHIUKI Live 2D New Collection Coming soon-

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!