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Project Description

Tales Of Zodiacs is a NFT Collectibles of 8,100 Awakeners who unlock the power of 12 Zodiacs within them to protect the world from the inside devil. The project is inspired by the image of Vietnamese 12 zodiac animals, combined with a unique lore depicting the myths of human history, the relationship between man and nature, and why people need to be enlightened.

The collection made up of more than 320 traits, every trait is hand-painted by our talented artist, who has been drawing manga and animation for almost 10 years. Each NFT mixed from extremely large number of different traits, creates unique images with its own distinctive beauty, no two images are alike.

Our main utility is about inner peace. Among countless other NFT projects, Tales Of Zodiacs is the first to focus primarily on the field of spiritual enlightenment. We want to build an organic community with faith and understanding about mindfulness, to become a community-first project, not built by hype, but by sharing real vibes that can help people live better and happier lives, where Eastern’s wisdom and Western’s freedom are fused, where freedom is for all, not for the few, that’s also the goal of decentralization.

Our roadmap also includes other utilities:

1. Merch

2. Manga

3. Staking

4. Game

Will you join us on this journey?

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Tales of Zodiacs NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

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