Teenage Innovators Launch - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

4444 teenagers are coming to the Ethereum blockchain this winter. Mark your calendars for February 20.

Teenage Innovators collection is created by 15 year old entrepreneur and out on a mission to prove that young entrepreneurs can make a huge change in the world.

The collection tells the story of how these young entrepreneurs were disapproved of, held back and judged based on their age. They were deemed too young to make a difference, too naive to change the world and too little to be equal to adults.

But that didn’t stop them. Together, they built a Teenverse. A community for all teenagers, entrepreneurs and innovators to come together and change the narrative to show what teenagers are capable of.

To achieve our mission, we will focus on building 6 main utilities. All of these will benefit the holder and teenager as they move closer to building the Teenverse.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Teenage Innovators Launch NFT Roadmap


Our community is and will always be our number one priority. Holding a Teenage Innovators grants access to exclusive awards, contents, adventures, and utilities.
Teen Fund

A community fund will be set up for the members. The funds will be used for the Teen VC, Teen Studio, and TEENOMICS.
Community Vote

The ultimate decision for funds, VC, and more allocation will be made based on a community vote.
The TEEN VC for Holders

A special TEEN Venture Capital will be available for holders chosen after approval within our community vote. This will allow them to propose a project and receive funds from community funds if the project is approved.


Our Tokenomics will start after launch. We take it upon ourselves to prove that Teenage Innovators consist of much more than “just jpegs”.

The $TEEN is not like other utility tokens as it holds real value, instead of financial value. Users can collect these tokens by staking our NFTs and can use them in a variety of ways especially “Teen Adventure”.
Teenage DAO

As you know, we are a community-first Web3 project, so we will use the $TEEN Token to determine our next steps together.

Our $TEEN can be used in a variety of ways. We are especially looking forward to announcing the special utility, “$Teen Adventure”.


There will be giveaways and monthly NFT Drops for our holders. We want to support and spotlight teenage innovators through community and collection.
Giveaways and Raffles

We will be selecting a few projects each month to highlight to our community. We prioritize projects which are diverse, open about their identities, and committed to inclusion.
Monthly NFT Drops

We will drop out an amazing art monthly from NFTeenagers and NFTKids. This will benefit both NFTeenager and Holder.

– NFTeen

The empowerment of teenagers is why we started Teenage Innovators. We have prepared a special utility that benefits the Teenagers and also benefits the Holders.

We will buy NFTeenager and NFT Kids projects and drop these amazing arts to our holders. Plus available for purchase at $TEEN…
The TEEN VC for Teenagers

This Venture Capital will be available for teenage innovators chosen after approval within our DAO. This will allow them to start a business, create NFTs, and more.


Something special is coming. We are very excited to bring these wonderful Utilities to everyone.
Teen Studio

After our launch, part of our community fund will be used for Teen Studio. This is the first very educational and inspiring holder-only accessible content in the NFT space.
$TEEN Adventure

The $TEEN Adventure will be a new place for our holders to use our $TEEN Token. This will benefit both NFTeenager and Holder.

Additional Info

20th of February, the journey begins…

See you in The Teenverse soon, innovators! ⚡️

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!